What is Makeup Bag?

Makeup Bag is a lifestyle blog founded by Erika Valente.

What happened to Makeup Bag this year? And why are the images messed up?

When I started Makeup Bag in 2006, I never imagined it would quickly evolve into such a huge part of my life. For several years I devoted hours upon hours each day to writing and researching products. I have made many lifelong friends and lovely business associates through blogging. I have yet to encounter a business endeavor in my life that has been as personally rewarding as Makeup Bag.

However, I also have a family business here in Kauai that is very demanding. As this business started growing and expanding, the time I could allot to Makeup Bag became very minimal and sadly, it was placed on a back burner while I tended to more pressing endeavors. During this hiatus, a hosting snafu caused my entire image library to be obliterated and I’m slowing start to bring it back, as time permits.

Some images are gone forever, while others are being dug up from the depths of my personal computer archives.

Needless to say, it’s been an arduous task and I’m making every effort, slowly but surely, to get Makeup Bag back on track. I am grateful for the readers that have followed along through the years as my girls were growing up, and for the new readers that stumble into my archives daily. I hope you find something here at Makeup Bag that informs or inspires you. At the very least, I’m certain you will see the love and effort I continue to devote here.

Is Bree really your daughter?

Why, thank you. I think what you’re really trying to say is that I look much too young to have a 22-year-old child, right?! I also have two other daughters (Bailey, age 21 and Janey, age 12) who are as equally smart and beautiful as Bree. And yes, they are all my children… I made them myself (kind of.)

Why should I trust your opinion when you’re not even a beauty professional? (And you can’t spell)

My opinion is just that—an opinion. Take it or leave it, pal. But do know that I put my heart and soul (along with every spare moment) into Makeup Bag to bring you the latest beauty news, information and product reviews.

And, for the record, I won a Spelling Bee in third grade, so I really do know how to spell (most words, anyway. My problem is that I can’t type—and my grammar sucks). Does that count?

How do I know when your site is updated?

I try to update at least once a day midweek, and sometimes on the weekend too. The best way to be notified of new content is by following me on Twitter Facebook and Instagram.

How do I contact you?

Please send your comments, suggestions or concerns (and love!) to beautyeditor at makeupbag dot net. If you’d like to send an actual love letter, please feel free to send to:

Makeup Bag
1941 Poipu Road
Koloa, HI 96756

(PS– This is not my home address. This is the address of one of our restaurants in Poipu Beach, Kauai. Stop by for a beer and some fish tacos if you’re on the island!)

Do you have a disclaimer?

Makeup Bag’s content and product reviews are strictly the honest opinions of myself and my daughters. All reviews are based on our own testing and research. Check out my full disclosure page here.

How do I submit my product for review?

Please feel free to send PR materials to beautyeditor at makeupbag.net or to my physical address:

1941 Poipu Rd
Koloa, HI 96756

How do I advertise on Makeup Bag?

All ads on Makeup Bag are currently being filtered through Google. I am not accepting new advertising partners at this time.