Well, hello there.

Welcome to my disclosure page.

This is the place where I tell you that all editorial content on Makeup Bag is written and/or edited by me. The viewpoints expressed here are strictly my own or those of my daughters Bree, Bailey or Janey.

I form my opinions by chatting with friends and acquaintances, seeing products in-store or online and sampling them here at my home. The products I review are either purchased by me, received as gifts, or submitted for consideration by the brand or PR agency that represents the brand.

I can’t review every product that crosses my path, so I usually discuss what I’m currently using and loving or what is currently catching my eye.

Please know that I am not an esthetician, makeup artist or medical professional. Please don’t take my personal experience and viewpoints as the word of God. This website is meant to be fun, informational and (hopefully) entertaining. That said, I do my best to keep the content as up-to-date as possible, but it’s likely that I have some outdated information somewhere in my 7 years of archives. Feel free to notify me of my transgressions, or choose to ignore them. I am fine with either.

I accept advertising on this website through a partnership with Google. I do not have control over any of the ads that you see here on Makeup Bag as they are fed through my ad partner. Occasionally I will have a clearly marked sponsored post or “advertorial” in the content section of Makeup Bag.

So, there you have it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at beautyeditor@makeupbag.net.

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PS- Makeup Bag content is protected by copyright and any use of material from this website (either full or in part) without my permission is strictly prohibited. Glad we cleared that up.