Erika Valente, founder and editor of Makeup Bag, is a 43-year-old self-professed beauty product junkie that lives in Kauai, Hawaii. She started this website in August 2006 as a way to share her thoughts and views on her favorite beauty products.


Occasionally, Erika’s three daughters Bree (age 22), Bailey (age 21) and Janey (age 12) will offer their expert opinions and advice, but mostly they like to take selfies and post them on Instagram.

When she’s not painting her nails or testing the latest beauty products for this website, Erika can usually be found working at the family business, running, or relaxing under a palm tree with a book. (But mostly, working at the family business.)

Makeup Bag was named by WWD as one of the top ten hottest beauty blogs on the internet and Erika’s expert opinion has been quoted in Elle Magazine, Redbook Magazine and Woman’s World. In addition, she has a Zoya Nail Polish named after her (it’s called Erika and is a sparkly shade of pale pink). Makeup Bag features daily beauty product reviews, industry tips and trends, and gratuitous advice for the beauty product obsessed.

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Contact Erika Valente at beautyeditor@makeupbag.net

If you have suggestions for Makeup Bag content please feel free to send me an email or send press materials to:

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Press Highlights:

  • Makeup Bag was named one of the ten hottest beauty blogs on the internet by WWD (Beauty’s Big Bloggers, Jan. 2008)
  • Erika Valente was quoted in Elle Magazine (If I Should Dye, July 2008)
  • Zoya Nail Polish named a pink, shimmery polish “Erika” after Makeup Bag editor Erika Valente.
  • Featured in Woman’s World (You Deserve the Best… Nail Polish, April 2009, You Deserve the Best… Eye Shadow, September 2010, You Deserve the Best…Bronzer, June 2011)
  • Selected as 2011 MVP Beauty Awards Panelist, Redbook Magazine, May 2011