Hi there! I’m Erika Valente and this is where I write about the things I love. I’m currently obsessed with nail polish, tablescapes and living my best life.


Occasionally, my three daughters Bree (age 24), Bailey (age 23) and Janey (age 14) will offer their expert opinions and advice, but mostly they like to take selfies and post them on Instagram.

I live in Kauai, Hawaii where I like to run and hike and eat poached eggs with my girlfriends. I also post lots of pictures of the sunrise on my Instagram because life in paradise doesn’t suck at all.

After five years of mostly not updating this site, I’m finally trying focus on the things that bring me joy and Makeup Bag is definitely at the top of that list.

I hope you’ll stop by for daily updates on beauty and lifestyle from the beautiful island of Kauai.


Makeup Bag was named by WWD as one of the top ten hottest beauty blogs on the internet and Erika Valente’s expert opinion has been quoted in Elle Magazine, Redbook Magazine and Woman’s World. In addition, she has a Zoya Nail Polish named after her (it’s called Erika and is a sparkly shade of pale pink).