On the Agenda: 2014


I hate to be the bearer of bad (good?) news, but I’m sure you saw this coming. I mean, if you stepped anywhere near a retail outlet last weekend you know for certain that the holiday season is upon us…a clear marker that the end of 2013 is near.

What better way to get organized and gear up for new endeavors than with a brand new agenda? After all, nothing says new beginnings and endless possibilities like a fresh, blank calendar.

Being a paper/notebook/calendar junkie, it has been impossible to stay loyal to any one brand through the years. Aside from that single stretch devoted to Franklin Covey from 1996-2003, I’ve flitted around and courted many many agendas. I’ve even been known to break up with my calendar halfway through the year because I come across a brighter, prettier, more blank version. I’m super fickle like that.

And because of my fickle tendencies, I have yet to decide on an agenda for 2014, but I’m finally down to a handful that survived the first cut:

1. Smythson Soho Diary with Slide: The bright pink version of the style shown above was my 2011 agenda and I was desperately in love with it. The pages are oh so delicate and the entire book just feels fancy. If weren’t for the price, this would be my number one pick year after year. But, yeah. The price.

2. May Designs Customized Agenda: I just recently came across this website that feels similar to ErinCondren.com (a favorite for personalized stationery, stickers, notebooks, etc…) but less overwhelming. It’s so fun to select your pattern, typography and background colors and these agendas are incredibly affordable, especially when they’re on sale (as I found out this weekend when I placed my order and everything I purchased was 50% off).

3. Kate Spade 2014 Agenda: I haven’t seen this agenda in person but I like that it has an interior pocket and elastic band closure. I’m also drawn to the celebrations and notes features, and let’s not deny the cuteness that is the spattering of roses across the cover.

4. Green Paisley Monthly Planner: Sadly the little island where I live doesn’t have a Barnes and Noble, my most favorite book store where I’ve been known to spend days on end perusing the stationery section. This adorable paisley agenda is available in-store only so you can’t get it online, but it would make the perfect gift for a co-worker.

5. Whitney English Day Designer: I’m pretty sure my final decision for 2014 is going to come down to the Smythson Soho Diary and the Whitney English Day Designer (not shown here). I love that the Day Designer has eight different worksheets designed to help you narrow down your purpose and passions into key areas to apply to a daily executable plan. Also, at $55 it’s considerably less expensive than the Smythson and not a huge price to pay for help in executing my purpose and passion!

I’ll be ready for 2014 before I know it.

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