Kauai Life: Week in Review

A few pictures from my iPhone this week. (If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen some of these, but here they are again because I like to be thorough):

coconut tree

kj waimea

We are in the process of opening our third restaurant here on Kauai, which means work work and more work. The newest location is located on Kauai’s west side in the town of Waimea.


This bottle of Narciso Rodriguez For Her In Color has technically been empty for weeks now, which I’m super sad about. Magically I’ve managed to eek “one last mist” out of the bottle several times since then, but now it’s really empty. For serious.

kauai coffee sunset

Caught this amazing sunset on Monday night when I hit the coffee fields for an evening run. What you can’t see in this picture is a giant tower infested with thousands of birds that made so much crazy noise, I found myself wondering how the coffee field workers make it through the day without pulling out their hair. Now that I’m sitting at my computer, this sunset is much more enjoyable than it was in person.

vinylux red

Now that I’ve tried Vinylux, I don’t want to paint my nails with anything else. This shade is called Scarlet Letter.

poipu sunrise

I met a few friends at 5:45 am on Thursday for an early morning run in Poipu and caught this subtle, yet pretty sunrise. My favorite time of day.

janey mermaid

Janey made her own Halloween costume for the first time ever this year. Some tulle, a hot glue gun and voila!, a mermaid costume in less than two hours.


Selfies in the car with Jane!

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