Race Review: The Kauai Marathon & Half Marathon 2013


I’m so happy to finally have completed the Kauai Half Marathon.

I wanted to run it back in 2010 when I first came back to Kauai but work got in the way of my training schedule. And then 2011 came and went, so by 2012 I was bound and determined to make this race happen.

I trained hard last year and ended up with an overuse injury that kept me from racing. FINALLY here we are in 2013 and it’s done. Longest to-do item on my list ever.

It was still dark when we set off from the start in Poipu. There were approximately 1,400 runners so there wasn’t a need for a wave start. As I expected, the Kauai Marathon course was super hilly but not as intense as I had psyched myself up for it to be. My daily run on Puu road near my house in Kalaheo is hilly so I’m used to running hills. What I’m not used to is the nearly three mile down hill stretch from about miles 8-11. That section of the course proved more difficult than I thought. I mean, how hard can it be to run down hill? Hard. Especially on tired legs.


The most surprising thing I found on this course was the lack of spectators. I was expecting there to be more people cheering on the sidelines, but they weren’t there.

I did have my own Kalapaki Joe’s cheering section as I came up on Mile 12 (thanks, girls!) and I saw a few of my friends along the way (Sean, Shannon, Denise and Theresa) but overall there weren’t many spectators.

Thankfully the weather wasn’t too hot. I actually got rained on pretty good near the tree tunnel and had to wring out my tank and skirt after the rain stopped. I finished the race in 2:19:04, just two minutes before the winner of the full marathon, Tyler McCandless, crossed the finish. Yeah, the perks of being a total slow poke? You can only get faster from here.

Overall it was a beautiful day and a fun race that I’ll definitely run again next year.

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