Johnson’s Baby Oil Body Wash

It seems crazy that my baby is 9 years old, yet I still have a plethora of baby products around the house BUT I CAN’T HELP MYSELF.

Babies are the most delicious smelling creatures in all the land and since I no longer have one readily available to sniff whenever I please, I have to get my fix somewhere.

Enter Johnson’s Baby Oil Body Wash. Don’t let the name fool you, even though it’s full of moisturizing baby oil, this super rich and creamy body wash is not greasy at all and lathers up nicely. It is always on hand in my shower giving my skin all the moisture it needs to be as soft as a baby’s bottom (and smelling just as sweet!).

No time for #manimonday today. This pretty girl has me wrapped around her finger! #babysitting #mystaffletsmeborrowtheirbabies #istillgotit

If you have an actual baby to use it on, BONUS.

Johnson’s Baby Oil Body Wash is available at drugstore’s and markets nationwide or online at


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  • I’m always happy to hear some one else feels the same way! I love the way babies smell,heaven.

  • Guilty, I also steal my little baby’s Johnson’s products.
    My favourite one is the Baby Bedtime Lotion, but my little babygirl doesn’t like it all.
    This lotion is so moisturizing and calming, love it!

  • If it’s good for the baby, then it’s also good for me! :)

  • I sometimes use it on myself even though I’m an adult

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