Daily Style: Chloe Platform Sandal

If you follow me on Twitter, you might already know that I really want these Chloe platform sandals.

As each day passes, my crush grows bigger and bigger. I mean, I live in HAWAII— I could totally wear these shoes every single day of every single season.

They would be perfect with sundresses, shorts, pants… even muu muu’s. (That is, if I actually wore muu muus, these sandals would be the perfect accessory. And you never know, I might get invited to a muu muu-only event next week and then I’d need to have something to go with the muu muu. Right?!)

I’m especially loving the 4″ heel with 1″ platform. This means I’m really only wearing 3″ heels—a totally acceptable heel height for a working girl with lots of running around to do.

Can you tell I’m trying to convince myself that the $695 price tag is justified?!

Chloe Platform Sandals are available online at Nordstrom.com for $695.


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  • YIKES! (The price!) I’ve seen this style in my fashion past – 80s? I have not owned nor worn a muumuu in 15+ years!


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