Mascara OBSESSION: Benefit They’re Real

You guys, I know it’s been WAY too long but I can’t wait a second longer before telling you about my latest mascara obsession!

Last month Benefit released a genius new product called They’re Real: a lengthening, thickening, long-wearing, super glossy, badass mascara.

And by badass, I mean BADASS.

This mascara makes my lashes thick and long without weighing them down and unfurling my curl (my number one complaint of mascaras, thanks to my Asian heritage). It’s also smudge-proof and water resistant, a huge benefit here in the humid weather of Kauai.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara is currently sold out on but you can find it at for $22.


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  • Hi, Erika! Those boobs look scary, but the mascara sound great!

  • Hi there, nice blog – just wanted to acknowledge that with a comment

  • obsessed is the best word to define me. —
    i so love mascara, my day isn’t complete without putting it on my lashes :p

  • Can’t wait to see how that mascara works :)

  • Wow!The mascara as you describe it, is really a genius product.:)

  • I wish you had photos of it being used, but I think if it might be worth trying. Worth the splurge if it really works, I’m definitely going to have to look up more reviews on this.

  • It is a bit better than benefits other mascara’s

  • best that mascara is work, thanks

  • LOVE the case!! :)

  • Mascara sounds fab sick of buying mascara’s that claim to work. Look forward to trying this one.

  • I so wanna try it, but neither Sephora or Benefitcosmetics is shipping to silly Norway! Dislike. Do you know any others who sell it?

  • pls add some photo:)
    i still swaer by my Max factor false lash effect,its cheaper and it volumizes and curls my lashes.

  • Mascara sounds great!!!

  • i have my favourite ere perez almond oil mascara doesnt promise mountains but gives me glossy, thick and curled lashes, when i move to the usa i will def. give this a try, great beauty blog!

    ladybug (Reply)

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