Princess Kate

Last Thursday night here in Kauai, Bree and I stayed up until midnight to watch the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton (along with a few billion other people!).

A few things came to mind as I sat there watching the elaborate ceremony:

  1. Princess Diana should have been there.
  2. Camilla annoys me.
  3. William looked so much better before he took his hat off. (Sorry, I know that’s mean.)
  4. Kate’s train was too short. Way too short.
  5. The plain gold band was just so… plain.

And then I realized: Just because this was a Royal Wedding doesn’t mean that the bride and groom couldn’t have their special day just the way they wanted it.

I mean, who am I to rain on their parade just because I wanted the bride’s gown to have a longer train!?

Kate looked gorgeous and elegant and, most importantly, like herself. And if the rumors are true and she did her own makeup I think she did a fantastic job.

I still have one small beef, though. I HATE that she is styled as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Duchess?

Fergie is a Duchess. Camilla is a Duchess. Does Kate really have to be a Duchess? Gah!

To me, she is Princess Kate.



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  • I loved how she looked. So elegant and great job with the makeup. Camilla annoys me too!

    Breeza (Reply)
  • Kate looked lovely on her big day….I watched the ceremony on Youtube just yesterday and it all looks very much like a fairy tale… I thought her second dress was so stunning too!!!

    And william….it is v unfortunate that even a prince is a victim of male pattern baldness…

  • I also felt that Diana should have been there. I found myself wondering if it was hard on William to have Camilla there by his Fathers side on such a monumentous day. We all know how much he loves his mummy. I wish them both happiness.

  • She looked great, but the whole wedding seems like so much pressure. I think it would be awful to be under that type of scrutiny (especially after what happened to his mom). But maybe she would get used to it after a while and stop caring.
    But i guess that is the choice she made.

  • I loved the whole ceremony, Kate was gorgeous, elegant, both are elegant, it was beautiful….

  • She is so pretty! I love her natural looking makeup.

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