Winter Skin Fix: Peter Thomas Roth Ultimate Creme

Last month I took a trip to New York City to be an expert panelist for the Redbook MVP Beauty Awards. This was very exciting because 1) I had an opportunity to test hundreds of lip glosses, moisturizers, primers, perfumes, eye shadows, etc… and 2) SNOW STORM!

The city was hit with over 6 inches of snow the morning I arrived which meant I got to bundle up (after a quick stop at H&M for a scarf and some gloves) and trek through Manhattan in my Frye boots. Pure joy, I tell you.

All my joy faded later that night when I got back to my hotel and felt like my face was going to crack and fall off from the cold, dry air.

Remedy: Peter Thomas Roth Ultimate Creme!

Earlier in the day I had received a sample of this skin-saving cream and applied with apprehension (many products tend to sting my face when it’s dry and irritated). Thankfully Peter Thomas Roth Ultimate Creme didn’t sting at all and instead left my dry skin soothed and moisturized. I especially love the tube packaging with a pump (no digging into jars means no face cream under my nails).

Since returning to Kauai, I have continued to use this every night and couldn’t be happier with the way my skin feels. Peter Thomas Roth Ultimate Creme rejuvenates even the most dry, dehydrated skin to look and feel softer, smoother and more richly nourished.

Peter Thomas Roth Ultimate Creme is available online at for $48.

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  • Ooohhh… imagine how much more you’d love this if you were still in Carson City. It’s as if the arid battle never ends. We’ve got a wet storm heading in, but it’s pushing 30+ MPH winds right now. Ugh! Hope Kauai is beautiful today!

  • My skin gets so dry and irritated in the winter, which is weird because I have oily skin. I don’t understand. Anyway, I have to use the Clinique moisturizer just to keep my skin from flaking. I’m always looking for winter fixes, so thanks for the recommendation!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  • This is simply superb. Thanks for sharing such a nice information.


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