Rescue Remedy: Wei East 8th Wonder

Lip balm is the one product I can’t be without.

I’m sure it’s just an OCD tic that’s all in my head, but I am a mess if my lips are dry. It’s especially bad after a meal or right before bed. The thought of lying down for bed at night without lip balm makes my neck itch and brings on a low grade fever.

For this reason, my night stand is stocked with an assortment of lip balms in every shape and size, but my absolute favorite of late is Wei East China Herbal 8th Wonder Rescue Remedies.

This amazing balm has a really mild scent and leaves my lips moisturized all night long. Also, the impressive combination of Chinese herbs relieves an array of skin woes including dry cuticles, itchy scalp, dry patches on the face, elbows, heels and feet.

My tin is almost gone so I just went to their site and ordered two more for $19.50 each. I just hope they arrive before I run completely out!

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  • I share your OCD. I have gotten up in the night to apply more lip balm!

  • Welcome back Erika! Happy New Year!

  • Yup, I don’t go anywhere without at least one lip balm (usually more like 10). Luckily, my boyfriend also keeps a tube of Burt’s Bees in his pocket, in case I catch myself without…

    Amanda (Reply)
  • THREE posts! Now I know you’re REALLY back!!!

    Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

    HOORAY for Erika and lip balm. And add hand cream to the before-bed musts!

  • lip balm OCD? yup, count me in… and I always thought I’m the only one getting up in the middle of the night to apply more lip balm or some hand cream…

    svennika (Reply)
  • It’s definitely OCD but I’ve never applied it in the night!

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