Proactiv: The Gentle Solution for Acne

I know you have seen or heard about Proactiv, an affordable and easy 3-step skin care system, but have you actually tried it?

I first bought Proactiv for Bailey when she was 14. It took about 4 weeks of consistent use for her to see results, but she couldn’t have been happier when her blemishes disappeared and she was left with clear, bright skin.

Photo of Bailey courtesy of Blenda Montoro Photography, Kauai, Hawaii

Acne is caused by excess oil and dead skin cells that clog the pores, allowing bacteria to form behind it. The bacteria causes inflammation and swelling that creates a blemish on the skin’s surface. Genetics, hormones (along with STRESS!) are typically what trigger acne but the Proactiv 3-step system is designed to kill bacteria on the skin’s surface while keeping bacteria under the skin at bay.

Last September I tried the new Proactiv Makeup Removing Cloths for the first time and instantly fell in love. In addition to using them for removing makeup, I keep a pack in my gym bag and at the office (otherwise known as: the restaurant) to keep my skin feeling fresh and clean throughout the day.

Proactiv is available online at starting at $29.95.

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  • This stuff is AWFUL for your skin! I can’t believe you’d even advocate it! I used it for awhile and it bleached my towels. It also singed the top layer of my face before having any real effect. It worked for about 5 weeks, and then stopped working. When I stopped using it altogether, my face broke out horribly. I have never had so much stress over a skincare product. There are SO MANY chemicals in Proactive! It’s terrible for your skin.

    Alexandra (Reply)

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