Daily Beauty: Tangle Teezer

Janey has baby fine hair that tangles up in the messiest knots. Brushing her hair each morning has become such a nightmare that one of us usually ends up crying.

Thankfully, Santa Claus is a kind and thoughtful (and jolly!) old man and he treated Janey to a Tangle Teezer in her stocking this year.

It seems like such a simple concept, with finely placed teeth and a clean design—but it totally works. The Tangle Teezer easily slips through Janey’s tangles and leaves her hair silky soft. She actually likes brushing her hair now!

Santa bought Janey’s Tangle Teezer at Regis, but it’s also available at Sally Beauty for $9.99.

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  • I use my Tangle teezer everyday, can’t live witout it as that goes for my kids too, they don’t want to use other brushes. I just ordered another one so I can keep one in the gymbag.

  • YAY for the self-actualization of children. And the de-tangling of hair. Go, Janey, go!

  • That looks like it will give my scalp a nice massage too! I need this for me…:)

    Johanna (Reply)
  • The recommendation for the Tangle Teezer is spot on! Thank you! Thank you! My daughter (age 7) has very curly, thick hair that (until the Teezer) refused to be tamed. Every morning has been a constant fight to get her to brush her hair and, to be quite honest, I was about to make an appointment with the hair stylist for a pixie cut.

    Thanks to your post and the Teezer, she looks forward to brushing her hair every morning. I know that I sound like an Info-mercial but the change has been remarkable and our day starts out much more peaceful! Thanks again!


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