Beauty Bloggers in Paradise, Part II

I’m having the best time ever catching up with my friends Julia and Amber while they are visiting Kauai this week.

We’ve been eating a lot of fish, relaxing and talking about our favorite new beauty products. (Well, mostly it’s Amber and Julia telling me about their favorite new beauty products as I’ve been living on a secluded island for the past several months!)

I’ll submit a more detailed update soon. In the meantime, check out this adorable Hawaiian Monk Seal (an endangered species) that we saw on the beach this week:

Hope you are having a great week!

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  • I am so sorry I missed this trip. Everyone looks so happy, and little Janey is probably cracking everyone up. When I told Graham how sad I was to be missing out, he goes, “Are you super jeal?” That cracked ME up. Have a fabulous time and keep the photos coming so I can live the trip vicariously thru my beauty girls. Graham, West and I are def coming to Hawaii next year, so we’ll have to schedule some beauty girls activities for them. Mwah!

  • That’s so cool! How can Kauai STAND that much beauty? ~soos waves from the next island over~

  • Awesome, hear you on the radio with RON WILEY.. Hopefully to meet you all on Saturday… In the mean time enjoy our beautiful island..

    Lisa :) (Reply)
  • Aww, Glad you lovely lades are having a fabulous time!!! Can’t wait to see more pictures :-)

  • i’ve got envy. arrghh… secluded island sounds pretty good about now… have fun and keep the faith.

  • i am glad to see so many picture.

    mac cosmetics (Reply)
  • Ah! I am so envy, but glad that you have a fun there!Thank you for pictures!


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