MAC Mascara X

As many of you with stick straight, stumpy lashes can attest, it’s a glorious day in the neighborhood when a girl finds the right mascara.

For me, it started with Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara. For years I would use this as a base to keep my lashes curled and then I’d layer other mascara faves over it. My lashes looked beautiful and stayed curled all day.

The problem was getting the stuff off. Lasting Lift Mascara worked so well for me because it stayed put—even when I wanted to take it off. When I realized that the removal process was also removing my eyelashes, I opted for a waterproof mascara that was a little more forgiving (Cover Girl LashBlast!).

Makeup Bag contributor, Monica Leitner, recently found the mascara of her dreams and wanted to share it with you:

I am always on the hunt for the perfect mascara since I was cursed with extremely sparse, stick-straight lashes.

MAC Mascara X is my new FAVORITE! I cannot even put into words how much I love this mascara, but I’ll try: this mascara refuses to clump, builds volume and length like nothing I’ve ever tried and refuses to budge/flake on even the hottest days. I’ve been known to load on excessive amounts of mascara (We’re talking 5-8 coats, people!) – if you’ve ever tried this before, you know what kind of clumpy, spidery and thoroughly unattractive mess this usually makes. But this formula is different. It’s special. No matter how many coats I pile on (in quick succession, mind you) the formula refuses to clump, building volume and length but maintaining a sense of elasticity.

I’m actually able to achieve gorgeous thick long lashes using only mascara – a real first. I am in LOVE!

MAC Mascara X is available online at for $13.

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  • My tip for removing waterproof mascara without taking your lashes along with it (aargh!) is to use oil. Any old oil will do; but I prefer something natural and gentle like olive oil. It is much gentler than using eye-makeup remover and/or rubbing like crazy!

  • Hey can one use coconut oil as well.. Rubbing gets really annoying and i would prefer to go with something new..

  • mascara’s not enough to satisfy my lust for lashes anymore. i’m afraid to apply false lashes myself, though. that’s why i’ve been trying out the eyelash-growth products out there. i recommend “lashem” — less risk of side effects than the other brands out there.

    Marie (Reply)
  • I’ve found that eyelash conditioners are good for making your eyelashes stronger and healthier so they don’t fall out when trying to remove mascara. It does take time for your eyelashes to be strengthened but it has worked for me.

  • MAC products are the best.–
    this one is good.


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