It’s me! I’m alive!


Oh how I’ve missed you, my Makeup Bag friends.

Thank you to all my very sweet readers and beauty blogging friends that sent emails and left comments & voice mail messages, wondering where I was and asking if I was okay. (My fave: “Did those pesky teenagers finally do you in?!”)

I am, indeed, okay. I’ve been working my butt off on a sleepy little island in the Pacific, so I’m exhausted and somewhat grouchy—but the weather is gorgeous and my family is healthy, so I truly can’t complain.

If you’ve followed my adventures over the last few years, you might know that my husband and I have a restaurant in Kauai called Kalapaki Joe’s.

kalapaki joes poipu

Six weeks ago, we opened up a second location in Poipu, Kauai called Kalapaki Joe’s Poipu (clever, aren’t we?)

bree kalapaki joes

(Bree, center, with two Kalapaki Joe’s Poipu staffers.)

This project has been all-consuming for me and my husband for the last several months, but I’m finally able to carve some time into my schedule for regular Makeup Bag updates. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME!


If you are reading this now, thank you for coming back to check up on me after all this time! I appreciate your support of Makeup Bag and look forward to sharing daily updates of my beauty favorites with you again.

Much love,


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  • yay, great to see you’re back!!

    svennika (Reply)
  • Congratulations on the second opening! Glad all is well and o have you back

  • Glad to have you back, and a big congrats on the new restaurant! Fabulous!


  • Welcome back!! You were missed. :-)

    Amanda (Reply)
  • congrats erika! so amazing! glad you are back!

  • Congratulations on the second restaurant. I just had a peek at the menu and it all looks yummy (especially the huge list of beers!). If I’m ever in the area I’m so stopping by!

    Glad to see you’re back though, I’m looking forward to some more posts soon!

  • glad your back…congrats on everything!

    johanna (Reply)
  • Congrats! That is so exciting and glad you’re back! :)

    GloriaLeighD (Reply)
  • Yay!!!!

  • Congratulations on the second restaurant! Love the last pic with the big smiles! And looking forward to more posts soon!!

  • Very cute husband! Welcome back…

  • Welcome back!!!

  • Congratulations. I’m so happy to have you back Erika. Keep the beauty coming.

    Jaime Leah (Reply)
  • Great to see you are back!!

    Congrats on the new restaurant and lots of luck with this new project.


    María (Reply)
  • Welcome back! Your site is one of my favs, to see you makes me so happy! Yay!!!

  • Welcome back !!!!! Wow, congrats on the 2nd resturant:)

    So great to have you back Erika :)

    Anna (Reply)
  • Yay! I thought was no more. Hope the new restaurant is doing well!

    Mary (Reply)

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