Artistry Lip Care Kit

Between the sun, chlorine and sampling lots of slick glosses, summer often leaves my lips feeling beyond parched. To remedy this, I’ve been relying on this handy little lip care kit when I need smooth lips, stat!

The first step of the Artistry Lip Care Kit consists of an emollient exfoliator with super-fine scrubbing particles that are perfectly grainy without being too sharp or rough for such a delicate area. After thirty seconds or so of gently scrubbing my lips with it, I “dust it off,” as instructed. At first, I thought I would be defiant and rinse this off instead, but sure enough, a gentle “dusting” and a little blotting with a tissue removed every last trace of the grainy exfoliating beads, no water required.

The next step is my favorite: the lip conditioner is AMAZING! Not exactly a balm or a gloss, it feels like a moisturizer, soaking in almost immediately but leaving behind a hydrating barrier (not sticky, oily or even wet) that bathes lips in comfortable moisture and leaves them perfectly smooth.

Artistry Lip Care Kit is available online at for $20.

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