Daily Style: Emilio Pucci Credit Card Case

pucci case

My bag is like a black abyss, so I’m always looking for solutions that make it easier to access things in a hurry.

I think this case would be the perfect stylish home for my credit cards and ID. It would be hard to miss this cheery print (even in the deepest, darkest bag) making card access nearly effortless!

Emilio Pucci Credit Card Case comes in blue-royal (shown) and coral and is available from Saks Fifth Avenue for $175.

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  • I keep my (few) empty bottles of Vivara around just to have a little Pucci in my life! I’d run right out & buy this gorgeous credit card case in a hot minute if I could (besides, my bag is not worthy!).

    Thanks for showing it to us, it really picked up a very gray day!

    cartmanette (Reply)

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