What’s in Shawn Johnson’s Makeup Bag?

shawn johnson

Contributed by: Monica Leitner

As part of the 2010 Miss America festivities, my friends at Artistry arranged for me to catch up with pageant judge Shawn Johnson, the cute-as-pie 18-year-old gymnast who took home an individual gold medal for her performance on the balance beam and a silver medal in the all-around competition at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Unlike the Miss America contestants, gymnasts aren’t given an opportunity to touch up at big competitions, so it’s important their makeup can withstand a grueling competition. Shawn explained that’s why their makeup looks “so awful” by the end of the day! (I politely disagreed – I think their makeup always looks spectacular, even at the bitter end!)

She tries not to go too overboard at competitions, sticking to mascara, blush and eyeliner, making sure the shades complement her leotard. She explained that her skin gets dry from long workouts and travel, so she sticks to a basic skincare regimen. She said her skincare routine is modeled after the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” philosophy.

lash blast luxe

So what are her must-haves? She swears by Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation and Cover Girl LashBlast Luxe Mascara. She LOVES her MAC Lipglass and has “like, six tubes of it!” When I asked what shade she prefers, she described it as an orangey-pink but couldn’t remember the name. Quickly scanning my brain, I took a stab: “Is it by any chance Enchantress?” I asked. (Enchantress is a subtle, gold-spiked coral that pairs perfectly with NARS Sexual Healing Lipstick.) “That’s it!” she exclaimed. Throughout the interview, she was as sweet and enthusiastic as could be.

So there you have it!

Thanks you again to Artistry for inviting me to cover the Miss America pageant from Las Vegas!

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  • I actually really like CG lashblast, maybe I should try lashblast luxe!

  • That’s a really pretty coral shade. I guess I should give this a try, just to see if it looks good.

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