Bailey’s Skin Care and Hair Care Update

Bailey made a little video this week where she talks about her skin care and hair care routine.

The two prescription skin creams she uses are Differin (Adapalene gel o.1%), a topical retinoid, and Duac cream, a topical antibiotic.

I have to say that Bailey is meticulous when it comes to her skin. After having breakouts and bad skin for several years, she does everything possible to keep her breakouts at bay—which means she never goes to bed without washing her face. EVER.

The first several weeks on her prescription creams was not pretty. Her face got red and peely and almost seemed to break out more than usual. Thankfully she stuck it out and after about 90 days her skin appeared flawless.

Of course, she still has hormonal breakouts here and there but overall her skin looks amazing.

pureology antifade complex

Watch her video above where she also talks about Moroccan Oil and her favorite Pureology Essential Repair Shampoo & Conditioner.

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  • I use Proactiv and I had mild acne. I think that it worked well for me because I had very oily skin and Proactiv dried it up. If you have drier skin it probably won’t work as well.

  • Bailey,

    I loved your video! Your skin looks amazing. I read your moms blog EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have to say that I am not sure about teenagers but I know that I (I am 32 and have two kids) could not even consider spending $60.00 on shampoo and conditioner.. MAYBE when we are not in the middle of a recession – but right now there is just no way.

    Hugs and way to go on your teen blog


    Kayla (Reply)
  • Love the video I use Kiehls argan oil is amazing try it!! If u already havent its for skin and hair

    Johanna (Reply)
  • Skin problems can be really hard to fix. Glad you got yours back in good shape!

  • very nice posting..all beauty tips are very usefuland beneficial..just keep it up!

  • LOVE Moroccanoil – what did i ever do before their oil treatment?!

  • I had to leave that product because the synthetic chemicals were irritating my scalp (not a natural product). My favorite is a 100% real Argan Oil, not just a few drops in the bottle. Russell Organics Argan Oil, , I have been so happy with it. Very good quality at a very good price. And unlike those synthetic Argan Oils, I can use Russell Organics Argan Oil on my face, body, and nail beds.

    Tika (Reply)

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