Kanebo Sensai Premier the Eye Cream

kanebo eye cream

This luxury eye cream seems to have the same mystique and appeal of the Ojon Tawaka Ball, piquing my curiosity before I’ve even had the chance to hear about the product’s features and benefits!

For the record, this one is said to promote collagen synthesis, reduce fine lines and improve firmness and luminosity. I haven’t tried it yet, but the $320 cream’s packaging has certainly won me over!

Kanebo Sensai Premier the Eye Cream is available from Neiman Marcus.

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  • It looks gorgeous on the outside! Will be waiting for your review. I need a good eye cream.

  • Even if this eye cream could work miracles I’d still never pay $320 for it! That’s just crazy! It probably doesn’t even have SPF.

    Stephanie (Reply)

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