Happy New Year!

blue moon

Happy New Year, my friends!

Yesterday was my anniversary and I am lucky enough to have been able to celebrate with my husband here in Kauai, Hawaii.

Whale in Poipu, Hawaii

If you’re a longtime Makeup Bag reader, you might know that my  husband spends the majority of his time in Hawaii as we have a restaurant in Kauai that commands his full-time attention.

Yesterday as we stood on the balcony of his Poipu condo, we saw a pod of whales rising to the surface just a few hundred yards off shore.

whale 2

Paired with the gorgeous blue moon (photo above…taken from the same spot on my husband’s balcony just a few hours later) I’m sure the whales were a sign that 2010 will be a magnificent year.

I wish you and your family all the best in the coming year!

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Makeup Bag family. I look forward to sharing a healthy and happy 2010 with each and every one of you.

Much love,

Erika Valente

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  • I’ve seen whales breaching off Laie Point on the North shore of Oahu – only once. But how do you handle being away from your husband so much? Hau’oli la hanau to you and all of your family!

  • What a treat, to be so close to nature like that!

    Very best wishes for the MakeupBag family, I enjoyed your blogs so much over the past year, keep on blogging!

    Lena (Reply)
  • OMG Gorgeous!! I need to go camera shopping with you because that thing of yours takes the most amazing photos. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year to you too my dear…..can’t wait to see you in Feb 😉

  • My family is from there and I miss it terribly? Which restaurant, I’ve probably eaten there and never even knew it! Your pictures are making me homesick and I wish plane ticket prices would be lower :( I hope you enjoyed your celebrations with the hubby! 😉

    Martha (Reply)
  • Happy Anniversary & Happy New Year & all the best in 2010 for the Make Up Bag family! love your photos, they’re beautiful!

    svennika (Reply)
  • Well, here in Texas we have hobos roaming the property majestically, mangy pomeranians strutting their business through the apartment complex and run over armadillos peppering the land. Don’t be jealous.

    Auntie (Reply)
  • Ahaha Auntie!

    I really love the first picture! It reminds me of my trip to Guam a few weeks ago. *sigh*

    Happy New Year! Best Wishes to everyone!


  • Hi Erika,

    Happy anniversary and Happy new year! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary (it loks like it from the pic’s :)) and wish you the best in 2010! Hope the new year will bring you and your family (and loved ones) lots of joy, happiness, love, good luck and health!

    Ebru (Reply)
  • Happy anniversary and happy new year!! Here’s to a great start of 2010 :)

    GloriaLeighD (Reply)

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