The Body Shop Cranberry Bath Cream Sensation

tbs cranberry

While many associate cranberry exclusively with the holiday season, I am a firm believer it can be enjoyed all winter long.

This offering looks like the perfect creamy indulgence for bath time! The formula, which includes cranberry seed oil and Community Trade honey from an organic source, is said to leave skin clean, soft, hydrated and delicately scented with its tart trademark scent.

The Body Shop Cranberry Bath Cream Sensation is available from The Body Shop for $12.60.

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  • So have you personally used this product? Or are you just promoting this product for The Body Shop? I love The Body Shop but I’d rather read a review about a product before purchasing.

    Stephanie (Reply)
  • HI Stephanie! I’m definitely not promoting this for The Body Shop as I like to showcase items that I have tried or am looking forward to trying, regardless of the brand. Since I love cranberry scents and I really love bath products, I thought this would be a great product to try! Happy New Year!!

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