Random Snow Day Update from Bree & Bailey

Of course the day that I have an unexpected trip out of town is when Mother Nature decides to blow a snow storm through Northern Nevada.

Yesterday, the kids had a snow day and Bree and Bailey decided to use their extra time wisely by making a YouTube video.

I don’t know what is more upsetting to me— the fact that the girls are so nonchalant about the fact that THEY LOST MY DOG, or that it appears Bailey spent the money I left for groceries TO GET HER DAMN NAILS DONE.

Never mind that I’ve spoken to these girls dozens of times over the last two days and neither one mentioned the dog or the nails (if you’re going to get acrylic nails in my house, you might as well shave your head and glue a hot pink bow to your head because I think all are equally attractive).

I think they fear both would cause me heart failure and they are trying to spare my life until I get back home. Sweet of them, right?

Either way, enjoy this glimpse of my two oldest daughters at 6:30 in the morning when they likely haven’t yet brushed their teeth or even put a bra on. Haha.

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  • This video was so funny to watch! And totally random like the title said! :)

    Okay, what I want for Christmas is a really nice pair of shoes. Like maybe some amazingly detailed pair of vintage leather ankled booties that have buttons going up the side for closure!

    I have a shoe addiction as well as a handbag and makeup addiction. And chocolate and perfume now that I think about it… :) Which might explain why the box of chocolate covered almonds is gone now…

    I love the look of the Jo Malone Fragrance Coffret and of course it’d be amazing to get the MUFE Aqua Eyes Collector Set! I’m obsessed with eyeliners.

    I might ask for a really pretty vintagey dress too. I love bubble dresses, maybe in a gorgeous mint or teal silk?

    Otherwise, I might ask for jewlery. You can never go wrong with a $30,000 diamond ring, like you said! LOL! I’d probably ask for a coral and gold necklace or a simple pendant from Tiffany’s! God, I love that store! Don’t even get me started!

    The best Christmas gift I ever got was the Urban Decay Book of Shadows volume 1. I use it almost everyday. My sister keeps trying to steal it from me, lol!

    Let’s see, what kind of videos would I want you to do? I think it’d be great if you did tutorial videos for eye makeup looks for teens. Maybe a makeupbag video? Talk about things that are in your makeup and why you keep them there. I love staring into other people’s makeup bags! :)
    I also think that it’d be cute to do a video on your normal hair or skin routine. They both look amazing in the video, and I’d love tips!

    Enjoy my comment!

    Crystal P (Reply)
  • All I want for Christmas is my sister and my nieces to come visit me cause I love them so much.

    Auntie PI (Reply)
  • Hey Bree & Bailey! Loved the video!

    Sooo…..I def. want the new Nars Everlasting Love Palette for Christmas! I love that it includes Belle de Jour lipstick because it ALWAYS seems to be sold out at my local sephora! Im planning on getting my bestie a giftcard to sephora so she can stock up on the basics and I have nooo idea what Im getting the family. Love you guys!

    Stacy A (Reply)
  • Bree and Bailey, I want John Mayer to write me a song for Christmas. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Funny, and random! I listened to Bailey when she said to. :) I hope your dog comes back!

    I want a vintage pocket watch for Christmas. Gold, not too big, and with a necklace-style chain. I and y eye on one on Ebay, but someone raised the price up RREally high. SO yes, I am broke. Maybe do a video on you two’s different styles/ makeup?

    firefly (Reply)
  • They’re both so sweet :)

    Again, you have a wonderfully warm family.. it’s so sweet. Haha. (Limited vocab. because I’m half asleep, it’s nearly 2am)

    I hope they keep making YouTube videos like this, casual impromptu ones are always the most fun and enjoyable to watch because they’re so relateable and heart-warming ๐Ÿ˜€ Do pass the msg on!! I’ve been a subscriber for a while :)

    And your home looks so pretty, whatever we can see of it anyway..

    There’s something extremely special about being warm, cozy and comfortable in the company of your family in your home in the middle of winter and the snow makes it even more fun!

    It’s the sort of thing we don’t notice in our day to day lives..

    kaya (Reply)
  • Oh no! I’m so sorry your dog ran off! I would die if mine did that, but mine is also a dachshund..so I’m sure your’s is better prepared for the snow! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    For Christmas I want to go back to South Africa! I was there a couple of years ago for a few months doing research/studying, and I applied for a research position now that I’m graduating from uni in December. I miss the tropical weather, the people, and the landscape so much!

    Enjoy your snow! It’s just nasty freezing rain down here in OK ๐Ÿ˜›

    Jenny (Reply)
  • ah christmas is coming up so soon! & i hope you guys find you dog!
    i’m asking for
    -the same bag as bailey! LV speedy 30
    -viva la juicy
    -marc jacobs daisy
    -prepaid mastercard because i need to by things from uk sites that i cant by in canada! i’m loving their style!

    seeing my baby cousinsssss :) they are the cutest things ever.

    you guys should do outfit, makeup videos, and hair videos! and more teen corner please! im 16 and i love the teen corner posts!

    oh and the icy road & snow thing! soooo scary, driving is so so so dangerous in winter!

    Jessica (Reply)
  • I have to agree about the nails. I cannot fathom why women and girls get those. The risk of nail fungus possibly occuring bothers me. They damage the nail bed for months. My friend has a Husky, she is an escape artist and doesn’t find her way home easily. He lost her for good. I don’t think he knew alot about the breed until I looked it up.

    Rebecca (Reply)
  • i’m sorry about your dog!!! I hate hate acrylic nails too!! I had to get over that and get them on for a few months to stop biting my nails. It really helped a lot and now I have healthy natural nails that I love painting.
    Is your dog ok were you able to find it???

    maria (Reply)
  • You girls are gorgeous! For christmas I REALLY want a t3 blowdryer and a hot tools curling iron. All I have right now is a straightener and I want to try some new hair styles. I would also really love a coach tote bag and some new ugg boots because mine are worn OUT. A pair of 7 for all mankind jeans would make me unbelievably happy!
    as for videos, I always love the make up that you both wear so a tutorial for some of those looks would be fun! (although you guys look gorgeous without make up, too. no fair!)

    Holly (Reply)
  • For Christmas, I’d like a really good blush brush and a blush that actually compliments my skin tone. I’ve only been into makeup for a few months, so maybe I need more practice, but I can’t seem to apply brush correclty. I apply either too much or too little and it always looks so fake. Argh!

    Erika, please keep us updated on your dog. I hope he makes it home safe.

    Angie (Reply)
  • I meant to say I can’t seem to apply bLush correctly. Sorry.

    Angie (Reply)
  • LOST YOUR DOG? Are you serious? And this is OK???

    Fembot (Reply)
  • UPDATE ON MY DOG: Thank you for all your concern about my Husky, Jack. He loves the snow and LOVES TO RUN even more so when it snows he ALWAYS finds a way to escape and leap through the white fluffiness for a bit. Thankfully he just runs up and down the street and then comes back home. He’s sleeping peacefully on his favorite chair right now!

  • Thanks for letting us know how your dog is! Great video, Bree and Bailey! You girls are hilarious! For Christmas, I think maybe some gift cards for the bookstore? Hope that you all have a lovely holiday season! Love this blog :)

  • hahaha.
    i have a little sheltie and he likes the snow too… odd cuz he’s not a snow dog at all.
    this christmas i really want to get a little fatter.
    my aunt bought me some really nice jeans a few months ago and they’re too big on me!! I really want to wear them…. ahh…
    or maybe even a boyfriend…. there’s a senior at my school that i really like ๐Ÿ˜› AH HES GORRRGEOUSSS.

    sydney (Reply)
  • you guys are all so sweet! ANGIE- i have no idea what skin color you are or anything. buuut try NARS- orgasm! LOOOVEEEE

  • I’m so glad that your doggie came back. My black lab mix used to take off running down the street but I witnessed our previous dog get hit by a car so I was always terrified of that.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • Hey girls,

    Just finished watching your video. My dog does that a lot also – only he’s a Yorkie and therefore quickly freezes in the snow.

    I’d say that my best christmas gift ever/thing I wanted for christmas this year are the same thing! – my mom went into a coma (they think possibly due to meningitis) at the end of October and was on life support for a while. Some weeks ago, we walked in her hospital room for visiting hours and she was sitting up in bed. Anyway, suffice it to say that my whole family’s christmas wishes are satisfied.

    Except maaaaaaybe the 11 year old brother, who’s still hoping for a PSP.

    Merry Christmas!

    Hinote (Reply)
  • The girls have picked their winner! Congratulations Holly. Watch the latest Teen Corner video to see what they’re giving you :) (Just posted this morning!)

    Holly, email me at beautyeditor@makeupbag.net with your mailing address and we’ll get this right out to you :)

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