I should go out of town more often!

While the cat’s away, the mice are seemingly more productive!

Not only are the Makeup Bag girls producing videos left and right, but I hear they also cleaned the bathrooms and have all the laundry done.

Check out the latest video from Bree, Bailey and Janey above! (Be warned, beauty tips are scarce here. Bree raves about Vaseline and Bailey swears her undying love for Chapstick. I swear, I’ve taught these girls NOTHING!)

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  • Vaseline and chapsticks, well, they are classics! Hahaha… oh well.

    It’s great to see more videos from them.

    kaya (Reply)
  • Funny, I loved Janey’s last comment.

    firefly (Reply)
  • I hope that wasn’t bree & bailey’s way of telling you the dog got out again..

    Vicky (Reply)
  • OMG Bree looks like Kimora is this video! LOVES it!

  • “byeeee I’m a rich girl”

    *dead* love it

  • Bailey, I love you hair. It always looks amazing in videos. i also love your Nail Polish, what color is it?

    Cydney (Reply)

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