Daily Style: Triple Bow Satin Headwrap

satin headwrap

While I in no way, shape or form advocate spending $82 on a simple satin bow, the sentiment is a nice reminder of the elegance of such a subtle statement.

I love the festive navy – it’s perfect for this time of year – paired with a twinkling silver smoky eye, it would make for a gorgeous starry night combo, no? There must be something similar at Claire’s, no?

Jennifer Behr Triple Bow Satin Headwrap is available from Saks Fifth Avenue for $82.

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  • $82?! There has to be something similar to the Triple Bow Satin Headwrap at Claire’s. Maybe it could be a nice do-it-yourself project? $82 is ridiculous!

  • There is no way I will pay $82 for a headwrap. LOL. Maybe I can ask a crafty friend to come up with something similar to that. But I love how it can make you feel girly or so made up!
    – Kaith

  • I’m bookmarking this for inspiration – I can definitely make this for cheaper! I’ve been making cute feathered headbands with bulk feathers from eBay, cheap headbands from Ardene’s (a Canadian chain with cheap jewellery/accessories/clothes – like Claire’s but even cheaper I think – I can get 5-15 headbands for $10, depending on the style), and sequins/buttons/ribbon from Wal-Mart or my local sewing store.

    Abbey (Reply)

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