You can never be too rich or too thin, right?

demi moore photo

I love Demi Moore, I really do.

She’s gorgeous, talented and a great mother. She’s also too thin.

I think there is so much pressure on Hollywood to be thin that it works against them. Look at the picture of Demi on the left, taken just last year. Her skin is glowing, her hair is shiny and she could easily pass for a 30-year-old.

One year later (photo on the right) Demi looks noticeably thinner and decades older.

Don’t get me wrong, she still looks amazingly beautiful and a lot better than many of the 46-year-olds I know, but it’s clear to see how being too thin is really not a good thing.

photos: wire image

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  • I guess she’s been paying for good skincare… But she also is a long term smoker of Marlboro Red’s…and those are some strong cigarettes. :( That and being married to a much younger man, it’s harder to keep up. So maybe she’s going through a crisis.

    Rebecca (Reply)
  • Wow! What a huge difference. I think Demi is a true beauty but I need her to gain a few pounds back to regain that youthful glow again. Super thin doesn’t look good on her.

  • It’s Deneuve’s old saying about the face vs. ass. By that age you’ve have to chose, and a face with volume is just more youthful!

  • You have to chose – not you’ve! :)

  • OUCH! Painful to look at her.

  • Hey…maybe she needs another round of botox refreshments!

    Elena (Reply)
  • seems like as women age, they need a bit more weight so that it helps fill out lines in the face and neck. she’ll always be beautiful though.

    Lauren (Reply)
  • I think it was Allure that just did an article on identical twins and the things that cause them to show differences in age, such as differnce in sun exposure and smoking and weight.After a certain age a little bit of age fills out the cheeks, stretches out the wrinkles and takes a few years off of your face. Demi should have read that article!

    Cindy K (Reply)
  • Women in my family ( my mom and her sisters) lose fat quick on their faces as they age. I keep hoping my cheeks remain as they are now. Being too thin ages one way too much ! I guess I know what my choice will be on face vs. ass. LOL !

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