Three Favorite Winter Skin Remedies

FAVORITE winter skin remedies

Last week I saw the first signs of winter when I woke to a snow-covered lawn. Immediately I turned the sprinkler system off (a frozen, busted pipe is not fun—or cheap!) and then headed inside to find my favorite winter skin remedies before my lips dry up and my heels crack off.

During the dry months of winter, I am never without hand cream, foot cream and lip balm. If one or all of these areas begin to feel parched I start to panic. My chest gets tight, my breath turns shallow and I frantically search for moisture relief.

These days, I can’t get enough of the new Carmex Moisture Plus. I love the new tube packaging—no messy finger to wipe off after application—and the moisturizing benefits are as good as the old standby. My only issue? The rest of my family can’t keep their hands off it! I’ve had to replace my “borrowed” tube THREE TIMES.

Clinique is introducing a new hand cream this month called Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream. This hand cream is super emollient, conditioning cuticles and nails while moisturizing dry hands. I love that the formula is fragrance free and doesn’t compete with my perfume and leaves my hands feeling moisturized for hours.

Dry, scratchy heels are just not acceptable here at Makeup Bag headquarters. To keep my feet feeling soft I keep several foot creams in my nightstand but I keep reaching for Curel Targeted Therapy Deep-Penetrating Foot Cream. With shea butter, coconut milk and vitamin E, this thick, rich cream penetrates cracked heels and leaves skin soft and smooth. I buy this at CVS by the armloads for $5.99 each.

Tell me, what are your tried and true winter skin remedies?

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  • I love using shea butter for elbows, knees and hands in the winter because the cold New England winters REALLY dry out the skin!

    Sara (Reply)
  • My winter holy grails are Burt’s Bee’s Lip Balm, Aveeno Bath and Shower Oil, Origin’s Salt Scrub and good ole Neutrogena Hand Cream.

    Jane (Reply)
  • To be honest, I just use Johnson’s Baby Lotion.

    Angela (Reply)
    • Angela, I love baby lotion too! My sister and I use Baby Magic—my mom has been using it on us since we were babies and my girls grew up with it, too!

  • Bag Balm is my multipurpose moisture relief. I use it on lips, cuticles, and heels. On my hands, nothing so far has been better than Smitten (by Lush). It has a light almond scent and leaves my hands soft and hydrated.

  • I love Nuxe oil for the body and their Creme fraiche for the face, and Melem for lips ( that stuff is amazing!

  • The Honey House Bee Bar is wonderful! I received it as a gift – it contains oils and beeswax and stays on without being greasy.

    hofken (Reply)
  • I hate having scratchy heels! I also have a big rotation of foot products, but that Curel stuff sounds great.

    Marissa (Reply)
  • I have that Curel Targeted Therapy for Hands. It works really well. I was gonna try that Moisture Plus Carmex but I opted for Blistex Silk & Shine instead. Strawberry Carmex is still my go to lip-product. I use it everyday.

  • AQUAPHOR. lips, elbows, knees, heels, even face…

    Emily (Reply)
  • I just discovered Camrex Moisture Plus…I LOVE it!

    Kathleen (Reply)
  • Ah , i have heard a lot bout carmex.. would love to try it for winter :)

    Jane (Reply)
  • I use the original Carmax for lips, Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion for hands, and all year long I use Sally Hansen Overnight Heel Balm with socks to keep my feet smooth. New things I have found this past month are: Walmart now has their version of Gold Bond out in a 14 oz pump, which I immediately bought for my desk. It definitely moisturizes the same as Gold Bond and the pump allows you to control the amount better than the tube. I also used the Sally Hansen product on my hands overnight with gloves and it really helped get rid of my ragged skin and cracks starting around my nails. Yay-a 2 for 1 product!

    KM13 (Reply)
  • I use cocoa butter on my skin in the wintertime. I haven’t tried Carmex, but I heard it was addictive…

    Janelle (Reply)
  • I would love to get the chance to try out Carmex!

    Heather T. (Reply)
  • I love aquaphor for everything especially my lips. I actually got the idea from teen corner and I loved it ever since.

    Jaylyn (Reply)
  • 1. Carmex (not Carmax, they sell used cars) is cold sore ointment, not lip balm.
    a. It is absolutely 100% proven to be non-addicitve. That’s an urban legend.
    2. Dermatologists unanimously recommend Aquaphor Healing Ointment for all areas of dry skin.

    Vivi (Reply)
  • Hi Vivi–The new Carmex Moisture Plus is actually more of a lip balm. I think there are still healing properties, but it’s marketed as a lip balm. And yes, I do love Aquaphor. I use it everywhere, too!!

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