Teen Corner: Adventures in Eye Shadow

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Here’s the thing. Between, me, my two sisters and my mom, we have A LOT of eye shadows. (Believe it or not, Janey has her own stash of makeup in a pink plastic Caboodles organizer that used to belong to me in 7th grade.)

Over the years, Bailey and I have gone through many eye shadow ups and downs. Some, I’m not so proud to admit, were the works of my very own hands, but whatever. You live and learn, right.

These days, Bailey and I hardly wear eyeshadow. Surprising, right? In fact this whole year, Bailey has been a mascara-only type of granola girl. She also eats pomegranates by the dozen.

I think it has less to do with our love of eye shadow and more to do with the fact that we love to sleep. And the 10 minutes I’d spend applying makeup is much better spent in my cozy bed. Besides, I’m a senior now. Who do I need to impress?

Anyway– here’s the point. I was looking for a photo the other day and was amazed at how our eye shadow (and makeup overall) has changed over the last several years.

And because I’m a giving, sharing, helpful kind of person, I thought I’d share them with you (along with commentary from me and Bailey). Check out our photo gallery below:

adventures in eyeshadow

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