Nail Flavor of the Week: Color Club Taboo!

nail flavor of the week

Janey attends a private school where she needs to wear a uniform every day and is not allowed to have polish on her nails.

For a girl surrounded by fingernail polish, this has proven a very difficult task. (Especially because she has two older sisters that paint their nails several times a week!)

One of the highlights of Janey’s weekend is rushing home on Fridays after school to paint her nails.

nail flavor of the week janey

Today she selected Taboo! by Color Club Lacquer, a deep purple full of pink and gold shimmer.

This also happens to be the shade I’m wearing this week as well. (Although, I must say, my painting skills are much more refined than Janey’s.) (Not to brag or anything. I mean, I do have 31 years of experience over her.)

I also just realized I forgot to show you the color I was wearing last week. If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen this Twitpic showing that I, once again, rocked Chanel Diabolic:

chanel diabolic nail flavor

I can’t get enough of it!

What are your favorite nail shades this season?

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  • I just recently got Dior’s Silver Purple and I love it. Also Chanel’s Vendetta. I think Diabolic is my next purchase.

  • Love your nails! that color is so hot. My fave nailpolish shade this season is Revlon Nail Enamel in Autumn Berry. An absolutely devine shade of plum with micro-mini red sparkles. Super sophisticated :)

    makeupjunkie (Reply)
  • Marisol– yes the Dior is gorge! For sure.. And Vendetta is a great color, too. You’ll love Diabolic– it’s so super shiny!

    MakeupJunkie–I’ll check out Revlon Autumn Berry next time I’m at the drugstore!

  • Where do I buy Color Club polish?

    Anitajob (Reply)
    • Hi Anitajob–Color Club polish is available at salons, beauty supply stores and at Bed, Bath & Beyond! Sorry, I should have included that in my post. Have a great week!

  • Aww “rushing home to paint her nails” how cute! I can relate! As a teacher I feel like I can’t wear the ‘fun colors’ during the week.
    I love sharing polishes with my mom and sisters when I’m visiting them. This past summer we had the same OPI for Sephora color (mermaid to order) on our toes for about 2 weeks. :)

  • HI Michelle! Yes, Mermaid to Order is a gorgeous summer color! Yesterday on our way to school, Janey realized she forgot to take her polish off and was so nervous about breaking school rules. She was like, “should I just go straight to the principal’s office and turn myself in?” It was pretty funny!

  • great colors!!


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