More Halloween FUN

bailey elysse zombies

Saturday night, while Bree was making her rounds at Halloween parties around town, Bailey and her friend Elysse came along with Janey and me to watch the University of Hawaii Rainbow Wahines vs. Nevada volleyball game in Reno.

At the last second, I made the girls dress up when I heard students in costume got free admission.

Quickly, the girls tore up some sheets and made themselves some mummy costumes before smearing their faces in black makeup. MAC Dark Soul pigment makes excellent blush, no?

The funny part was when we arrived at the gym and NOBODY else was in costume (and only 12 and under got in free). The girls, being typical 16-year-olds, were mortified. Elysse is 6′ 5″ tall and doesn’t quite blend in with the crowd—especially wearing black lipstick and a mummy costume!

Janey and I were completely unfazed and actually had fun watching the girls squirm:

erika janey halloween

Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween weekend!

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  • I like the girls’ make-up a lot, so congratulations to them if for them this is a quick-look:)

    Kata (Reply)
  • I hate that they were mortified b/c they look absolutely stunning. Very high fashion- they both look good in black lipstick!! Your smallest is the cutest thing ever and you continue to amaze me with your beauty. Happy Halloween to you all!

    lexi (Reply)
  • They really do like good!!!!

    carrie (Reply)

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