Molton Brown SLEEP Cedrus Bathing Elixir

Molton Brown Sleep Cedrus

The dark, somewhat dreary fall days often leave me exhausted yet ironically keyed up.

Sometimes, I need to seek solace in beauty products to calm my nerves and slow myself down after a hectic day. This Molton Brown Sleep Cedrus Bathing Elixir sounds as though it would be a divine way to help myself drift off into dreamland.

Its moisture-rich formula contains Cedrus tree oil from the Atlas Mountains to aid in relaxation, sweet Florida orange oil and Bulgarian lavender oil. (I’m hoping I’ll love the scent as much as I love their Intoxicating Davana Blossom Foaming Bath Oil.)

SLEEP Cedrus Bathing Elixir is part of the new Molton Brown’s new sleep body therapies range and is available online from for $34.

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