Mally Beauty Liquid Light Eye Brightener

mally eye brightener

This Liquid Light from Mally Beauty has me extremely intrigued.

It’s always fun when cosmetics companies create new and innovative formulas, and Mally is always surprising me with clever new applicators, products and inventions.

This liquid eye brightener boasts a powder-to-cream formula that bursts upon contact with skin to create a cool, creamy sensation that makes it a breeze to glide radiance all over your eyes, cheekbones, legs or anywhere else you’d like a kiss of radiance.

On another note: Mally just gave birth to a baby girl called Vivienne last week! Now Mally has THREE DAUGHTERS (just like someone else I know!)—congratulations and best wishes to Mally and her beautiful family.

Mally Beauty Liquid Light Eye Brightener is available in two shades for $25 each from QVC.

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