Lady Gaga BAD ROMANCE Video Makeup

lady gaga bad romance 7
Can we just stop what we’re doing and discuss Lady Gaga for a second?

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS VIDEO? Ga Gaaaa Oooh La Laaaaa!!

I can’t get over the incredible makeup looks in the mega-stars latest Bad Romance video. Lady Gaga needs to do a Making of Bad Romance Video video. And stat.

lady gaga bad romance 3

lady gaga bad romance 4

lady gaga bad romance 5

lady gaga bad romance


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  • Totally agree! I watched the video too and actually took a screen capture of the 3rd picture because I loved it so much. Very natural looking makeup.

    tami (Reply)
  • I know! I’m obsessed!

  • Is she wearing contacts in the first pic? Her eyeballs seem extra round. Can’t quite figure out exactly how they did that.

    peggy (Reply)
    • I can’t figure it out either, but it looks so cool! I’m sure it’s a combination of contacts/makeup techniques!

  • It’s actually a digital technique I think I have seen on Apple computers. Agree with makeup glam shots though, my fave is the last shot iwth Carrera sunglasses!

    Maria (Reply)
  • I love the natural look w/ just the mascara. She actually looks prettier w/o all the makeup. My fave look was at the last scene w/ the white sunglasses. AMAZING! 😉

  • lady gag actually said in a interview in mtv that in the white room where her video was made thats her shower room somewhere in europe.

    leslie (Reply)
  • She’s wearing contacts, I’m sure… They have new contacts that are like that… They’re extra-wide instead of the normal ones. :)

    Brooke (Reply)

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