Desperately Seeking Skin Salvation

amaret natural wonder cream

As a beauty blogger it’s not uncommon for my skin to get whacked out. After a few weeks of sampling skin care product after skin care product my face thinks Sunday is Thursday, swears John Lennon is still alive, and would likely punch me in the gut if that were physically possible.

When this happens, I have learned to be very patient and slowly nurse my skin back to balance before starting the vicious process of sampling products all over again.

The other day I tested a clay-based cleanser and my skin immediately freaked out. Within minutes my face was stinging and visibly red and irritated. I desperately searched my beauty closet for a soothing remedy and found a sample of Amarté Natural Wonder Cream I had received as part of my BeautyFix kit several months ago.

This cream lists pine extract, argan oil and elemental sulfur as some of the main ingredients and promises to help treat acne, eczema, fine lines & wrinkles.

All I know is that Amarté Natural Wonder Cream is rich & creamy, fragrance-free, and began to soothe my angry skin within minutes of application. Within 24 hours my skin was happy and sane with no redness or irritation.

I guess they call it Wonder Cream for a reason!

Amarté Natural Wonder Cream is available online at DermStore for $90.

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  • This sounds like a miracle worker! I was testing a cleanser not too long ago and decided one day to use it on my neck and chest a bit as well. Next morning I have pimples on my chest!! ACK!

    • Yaya, That’s the worst! I hate when products give me a rash or make me break out. Especially if I spent good money on them. So annoying!!

  • Really, one should be very careful while choosing the best skin care product. Some of them can awfully damage our skin.


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