Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara


This month, along with her Holiday 2009 Chrome Collection, Bobbi Brown introduces the new Extreme Party Mascara, a buildable mascara with tons of volume and zero clumping or flaking.

Now here’s the thing about me and mascaras: most of them don’t like me.

I’m sure it’s not intentional. I mean, I’m a nice enough girl and all, but my eye lashes can be difficult to deal with so it’s understandable that most mascaras aren’t into me.

As I’ve explained a kazillion times before, my Asian lashes don’t hold a curl unless I’m wearing waterproof mascara. This proves cumbersome as most waterproof formulas are not easy to remove. In fact, I’m either fogging up my contact lenses with oil-based removers or I’m scrubbing the crap out of my eyes and losing lashes along the way. Not to mention, waterproof formulas tend to look dull on the lashes, not shiny and rich like the non-waterproof kind. So, in the name of eye-opening lashes, I continue to reach for waterproof formulas day after day.

A few months ago, I found my holy grail mascara in Lancôme Hypnôse Drama and now (can you believe my good fortune?!) I’ve found a second mascara that I bow down before and kiss the countertop it sits on: Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara.


This mascara is totally layerable (is that a word?)—okay, buildable—in that you can add a fresh coat even after it dries thanks to the pliable formula. Just look how amazing my lashes are:

bb extreme party mascara

I wore this all day and night, I even slept in it (the things I do for the sake of this beauty blog!), and I didn’t have one flake or smudge. In fact, this morning my lashes looked good enough to face the day.

Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara washes away clean with soap and water (and zero elbow grease). I’m pretty sure this mascara likes me.

The new Extreme Party Mascara is available online at for $22.

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  • Wow! Your lashes look amazing! I was skeptical about all the buzz I had heard surrounding the BB Party Mascara, but now I’m definitely tempted! I also have a problem with curl, and I’ve had a lot of luck with Dior Iconic Mascara. Have you tried that one?

    • HI Wendy, I haven’t tried Dior Iconic yet. I’ll have to test it out! Thanks for stopping by!!

  • HA! Lashes up to your eyebrows!!! Love this stuff…LOL….

  • Thank you for such a great review! I am a big fan of waterproof mascara (especially since I work with alot of brides!) however I also agree that they can be extremely difficult to remove. I usually use oil but also dislike the film it leaves on the eyes! I do like the idea of using a mascara which is smudge & flake-proof but can easily be removed with any cleanser. Thanks so much!

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