Teen Corner: Nail Polish ALERT!

dinner with valentes

If you follow my mom on Twitter, you might have seen this picture she sent last night of Bailey and me texting while we were out for sushi dinner.

Funny thing is, my mom got several emails asking what color nail polish Bailey and I are wearing.

So, here’s the scoop: Bailey is wearing Essie Wicked and I’m wearing CHANEL Dragon.

You heard it straight from Teen Corner, hahaahaa!!

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  • Ha! That was my first thought when I saw this picture on twitter, I just never got around to asking the question. Thank you!! :-)

  • What is not shown is that the seven year old is in on the action as well; yesterday was “auntie, let’s not text, let’s just get on ichat”.

    Auntie (Reply)
  • And she was just telling me, “It’s so much fun to ichat with Auntie!”

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