Teen Corner: Favorite Gossip Girl Hairstyles

jessica szohr

I’ve been tuning in to Gossip Girl since season one and I still can’t get enough of their amazing hair!

Long, sleek, curly, shiny, accessorized… you name it— it’s been featured on Gossip Girl. While I’m not really a fan of Blair’s headbands (too preppy), I love Vanessa’s funky downtown hairstyles. And, of course, Serena and Blair never disappoint in the glossy, bouncy hair department.

Lucky for you, I’m a little bored tonight and threw together a little photo gallery of my most favorite hairstyles from the girls of Gossip Girl. Enjoy!

gossip girl hairstyles


  • i used to love vanessa’s hairstyles when she wore it curly and natural, not so much now.


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