Sephora Brand Halloween Kits

halloween kit 2 sephora

If you’re still looking for Halloween costume ideas (which, if you’re anything like me, you likely are because Halloween is still EIGHT WHOLE DAYS away!) check out these genius kits from Sephora.

With three easy looks in one box you’ll have everything you need to create the look of a vampire, rockstar & witch (above), a peacock, Cleopatra & Greek goddess (below) or a doll, fairy & angel (even further below).

halloween kit sephora

halloween kit 3 sephora

Head over to your local Sephora to check these out or get them online at

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  • ohh this kits look so pretty :) i’m def gonna buy one ..

    sharon (Reply)
  • These kits are so fun and great for Halloween. It helps you live through the kid in you, yet keeps you glamourous looking. I need to go to a Sephora!

  • Only $19?!!! I definitely need to get the Greek Goddess, Cleopatra, Peacock kit.

    Thank you Ms. Erika!!

  • i’m just gonna get it because it’s such a good deal haha.

    bomi (Reply)

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