NP2 Beauty Nail Polish


I just came across this new nail polish from NP2 Beauty.

It’s rather clever in that there’s a base color and top coat all in one bottle. Only problem is that they are $22.50 each!

Has anyone tried these?

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  • I have a few and I like them a lot. Price is the same as a Chanel so I don’t think of it too much.

    • I don’t mind paying for Chanel polish because, well, they’re Chanel. But I was curious how this brand held up! Since you like them I’ll have to give them a try :)

  • I ordered three bottles from the website. Momentum, Gravity & Definitive. These colors are amazing and the wear is fantastic.(Three weeks and no chips on my toes)
    I love having my top/base/quick dry on top of my nail polish bottle. Super convenient!!!
    Worth the money considering the quality of the polish with a great top/base quick dry.

    Maria (Reply)
  • I shop at thrift/vintage stores & stores like Ross so much that $22.50 for nail polish seems like waaaayy too much. haha. I do, however, like the idea & how convenient it is.

  • I’m wearing Electric charge as I type. “Loveit”! I’m wearing it over a week and it and still no chips. Great convenient package with that top coat on top.
    Totally worth the money.
    If you think about it, your really getting a deal for the money. Your getting a top quailty polish and treatment for the money. It’s one package with 2 great polishes.

    Rosemarie (Reply)

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