Nail Flavor of the Week: MAC Beyond Jealous

mac beyond jealous

I’m beyond sad that Beyond Jealous, a gorgeous “blackened blue green” nail polish by MAC looks more black than blue-green on my nails.

The color in the bottle is the darkest blue-green cream that would likely be achieved with just one coat. I painted on two coats, as always, which is why my color ended up more black-ish.

mac beyond jealous photo

This hasn’t stopped me from proudly displaying Beyond Jealous on all my fingers and toes, though. I’m a huge fan of the darkest of dark nail colors and Beyond Jealous is certainly dark.

MAC Beyond Jealous Nail Lacquer is available online at

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  • I know that pics do not always capture the true color, but I can see the green on your nails…. very pretty!!

  • That IS a beautiful green!! I hate when that happens though. I had a similar experience w/ Nicole by O.P.I in Razzle Dazzler. It’s a blackened dark dark blue, but it looks black. I still like it nonetheless because you can see hints of the blue when sunlight hits it & it’s a lil twist from just your normal black polish. :)

  • we’re wearing the same color this week, E! i expected it to be more green, too, but i still love it. just like the OPI Nicole mentioned, Beyond Jealous is a great twist on classic black. :)

  • Maybe try OPI: Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow
    Great Fall colour…doesn’t look too black :)

    Anjali (Reply)
  • Yes! I’m crazy in love with the super dark nail colors. I had the same issue with Sephora by OPI’s Dark Room. Great color, but looks black instead of green.

    Yet…I’m STILL hard core addicted to OPI’s Black Cherry Chutney. Seriously considering buying a new bottle, because I have a feeling I’ll be emptying mine in a few more months (which has NEVER happened to me before).

  • Totally obsessed with this color! And you definitely can see the green in it in the second picture when it hits the light. :)

    Sarah (Reply)

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