Halloween How-tos: My Favorite Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Halloween has always been such a stressful time for me as a mom. As much as I try to prepare for situations like these, invariably I’m rushing around at the last second trying to find last-minute costume ideas.

It was almost easier to come up with costume ideas when the kids were little, because I could just throw them into one-piece farm animal suits (apparently the cow was my animal of choice):


Bree, being the first-born (nearly 2 in this photo), had no choice but to be my first victim. What you don’t see in this photo is 1-month-old Bailey in a lamb costume. Baaaaaaaa.


The following Halloween, 1-year-old Bailey got her turn to be the cow. (Note the sincere smile on Bree’s face as she was THRILLED to be wearing that Barney costume. She didn’t take it off for two months and that’s not even a joke. Poor Bailey is like, “Great. You get the good costume while I get this recycled cow getup.”)


Fast forward 10 years: Just because I couldn’t find the original cow costume didn’t stop me from buying Janey (pictured here at 18 months) a better, more elaborate cow ensemble. By this time I had perfected the black dot nose and rosy cheeks, no?

Now that the older girls are teenagers, they’re pretty much left to their own devices to come up with costume ideas. A couple years ago they went as Fook Me and Fook Yu—remember that? This year their Halloween brainstorm sessions have come up short, leaving them no choice but to ask their mother for advice.

Because I’m kind of crafty and resourceful, I did what I always do when I need help with something— I YouTube it.

After scouring YouTube for Halloween makeup ideas and tutorials, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share them with you!

Here are some of my favorite Halloween makeup tutorials:

Pantomime, by MissChievous

Zombie, by SarahVictor

Dark Fairy, by MakeupGeek

Masquerade Ball, by goldiestarling

Evil Witch, by MissChievous (I tried this one last year!)

If all else fails, you can just use your favorite eyeliner pencil to create some well-placed freckles. That works for me every time!


Janey, age 6 months.

Tell me what you’re going to be for Halloween!

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  • Wow, these are great! My favorite is the mask. Your kids are so cute!!! Thanks for posting!

    Melanie (Reply)
  • Awwww! My DD was a cow for a couple of years too. I miss making Halloween costumes. I love answering the door now and seeing all the kids in their costumes–so fun!

  • Thanks Melanie– I love the mask, too. So sparkly!

    Cindy, I love answering the door too! So fun to see all the adorable costumes!

  • How adorable!

    I swear, growing up I was a witch every other year. I loved sporting a green face and I think my mom dug that it was easy! I’m digging the witch makeup above though – would definitely do that now that I’m an adult.

  • Oh, those halloween pics of your kids are just so cute! When I was about 10, my mom made us all (herself, me, and my 2 sisters) costumes and we were M&Ms. At the time I remember thinking that it was embarrassing that my my costume was homemade, but looking back, it was really sweet of my mom to take the time to craft them herself. Thanks mom! :)

    claudia (Reply)
  • That’s so sweet Claudia! I love M&M’s!

  • Those are adorable pictures of the girls when they were little. (I made Kendra a lion costume at that age LOL)

    carrie (Reply)
  • Your daughters looked sooo cute! Aww’z. I don’t think the costumes were bad. I can’t wait til I have kids. I’ll be dressing them up like crazy! haha. MissChievous has lovely tutorials. I love the Pantomime one.

    I think Petrilude makes the best Halloween Makeup Tutorials. He’s really original & so talented! I love how he makes them look 3D. Just simply AMAZING! :)

  • Your girls were so cute when they were little! They still are but you know what I mean, I hope. :)

    You should check out MakeupByRisa Poison Ivy and Red Devil tutorials. The girl is a genious.

  • Carrie! Of course you sewed Kendra’s costumes! I am, unfortunately, a mess at the sewing maching!

    Nicole, I’ll definitely check out Petrilude, thank you!

    Carla, thank you! I’ll always remember that Bailey emailed you a picture of herself by accident. Haha! I will surely check out MakeupByRisa!!

  • I have all of those guru’s on my Youtube.

    Rebecca (Reply)
  • I need to borrow that costume today! My daughter is having a Fairy Tale Festival and has to dress up as a fairy tale character. Because I lack creativity, she is going as Jill from Jack and Jill. If I had the cow costume, she could go as the cow jumping over the moon! :)

  • wow,so cute ,so lovely ,so lively!I am going to dress up like a fashioner for Halloween,make myself as a jewellery.


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