Halloween Fun with Bree

halloween bree

This morning Bree and her friends Danielle and Amy left for school dressed as cave women. Tomorrow is a holiday here in Nevada so their high school is celebrating Halloween today.

The girls smudged a little MAC Dark Edge eye shadow on their bodies (dirt!), threw on their costumes and boots and were out the door. So easy!

What are you going to be for Halloween? Let me know in the comments— I just might have a Halloween surprise for you!

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  • So CUTE! and such DIY !! i love that !! I will be wonderwoman!! all put together by thrift store finds!! Thats what i love about Halloween the Creative side of the brain starts working!!

    they look Great!!

    LYZZETTE (Reply)
  • Not sure if i’m doing anything yet, but if i am….I’m gonna be catwoman for halloween… :)

    Cinthia (Reply)
  • I’ve got a pink poodle skirt and found some inexpensive saddle shoes and I’ll be teasing my hair to great heights!

    The girls look so fun.

  • If I actually do anything I’m going to be a devil with MAC brash and bold pigment and gold glitter on the eyes and something red and sassy on my lips.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • How fun! Going all dressed up to school 😀
    We don’t really celebrate Halloween here in Argentina but things might just change this year. If I do dress up, I’d like to go as Lydia from Beetlejuice – remember her? All I’d actually need is a friend to go as Beetlejuice, that would be perfect!

  • pippi longstocking! and my two other friends are going as the horse!

  • They look super cute! I’m gonna be Cleopatra this year. Just finished my makeup trial tonight. So excited to re-create this look on Halloween. 😀

  • I’m going to be a Wild Thing at school tomorrow, and my teaching partner is going to be Max. I just finished my costume, and it looks amazing. I have some wonderful Make Up Forever lashes with long brown feathers to wear, and I think I’ll put MAC Chrome Yellow on my lids (for the terrible yellow eyes).

    Abbey (Reply)
  • I’ll be a cacodemon/hobgoblin (English speakers, let me know if that’s the correct word, I had to look it up in the dictionary) at a party tonight. Dressed up in a black velvet&lace dress, stockings with cobweb design, lace gloves and I’ll have a small lantern that will act as the wildfire:) Plus I found cool make-up on youtube!

    Weren’t Bree and her friends cold in such an costume?

    Kata (Reply)
  • Such a cute idea!

    I’m going to be Cleopatra!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  • I’m going to be be (vampire) Kamui from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles! I’m having fun with styling product to complete the look on my newly-cut hair.

    firefly (Reply)
  • i’m going to be a cat! not very original but i’m dressing up with my baby cousin so we can match! cream blush & eyeliner are great for whiskers and pink noses. im in love with bree’s costume though! next year im debating on a cavewoman or greek goddess!

  • Cute costumes!!

    I was meant to be a hippie! with tie dyed top, ripped shorts, headband and minnetonkas! and eyeliner and cream rosey blush and rosey lips.

    But im stuck at home, as im sick : (!

  • lady bug!

  • I was Kat Von D. (i did it mainly for the makeup and stars)

    Vicky (Reply)
  • Hey Erika, the girls were the 7 deadly sins and used some of your videos to do their makeup. Didn’t quite do it the same but tried.

    Carrie (Reply)

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