Gwen Stefani at the Fashion Group International’s 26th Annual Night of Stars

gwen stefani

Gwen Stefani is looking smoking hot these days but I barely recognized her on the red carpet at the Fashion Group International’s 26th Annual Night of Stars at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City tonight.

Without her signature red lips and sleek updo, this mom of two looks like a totally different woman! (If it weren’t for the platinum hair and red nails, I might have missed her completely.)

Gwen’s flowy hair and nude, glossy lips are a nice contrast to her little black dress, black tights and black heels—but I’m not sure I like this look better than the Gwen Stefani-red lips I know and love.


What do you think of Gwen Stefani’s pale-lipped look?

photos: wire image

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  • I like, but I prefer it when, if she does leave out the red, she opts for a sort of chalky pink gloss. This is a bit TOO bare.

    ashley (Reply)
  • She doesn’t look like Gwen Stefani. I do think she looks pretty though. More sophisticated with the hair down and soft looking.

    Sarita (Reply)
  • Totally different look. I like it. Glam. (Sorry, I haven’t been here in forever, back from lalaland!)

  • I love it…I think the red lips, though her signature, make her look harsh. I love it when she wears a softer lip. She looks more elegant to me.

  • I have to agree, although she could never look bad, she’s always gorgeous, I do prefer the lighter lip on her, much softer.

    Ruth (Reply)
  • it always amazes me how she’s almost 40 and looks like shes 25 !!!!!!!!!!

  • She looks great. It’s amazing to see how her style has evolved since her No Doubt days. We all know how bad that was. haha. But Gwen has truly blossomed to a fashionista in her own right. LAMB is one of my fave brands.

  • I think this is a lovely look for Gwen, but her MA applied everything too heavy and with the wrong tones. Love the flowing hair though!

    Lori (Reply)
  • LOVE IT!! She looks so much softer…that dragon red is so over the top sometimes.

  • I have to say I disagree with most posters… I think her red lips are much more flattering! She looks older here… and not in a good way. If she was looking to go a little more glam, she should try updating her matte red lips to a more sheer red tint… but such heavy emphasis on the eyes n lashes only makes her look aging…

    Andrea (Reply)
  • I think she looks gorgeous. I love the lips but the hair knocks it out of the park.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • Are we looking at the same Gwen Stefani? I think she looks way older here.

    Jessica (Reply)

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