Gigi, Your Guardian Girlfriend

gigi arms bubble

I am loving the Gigi character in the new Clairol Nice ‘n Easy commercials. Played by Angela Kinsey from The Office, Gigi is like your straight-shooting girlfriend that will NEVER let you out of the house looking less than your best.

“I love girl talk, especially when it comes to beauty: sharing tips and tricks about what really works,” says Angela.  “I’ve been coloring my hair for years, so I understand that instant emotional boost that comes with getting your color just right, and I’m excited to help other women achieve that, too.”

Check out this hilarious out-take of making the commercial:

Visit Gigi on for advice on your perfect Nice ‘n Easy hair color with highlights, lowlights and tons of shine.

PS- I’m a natural medium brown, what color are you?

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  • I’m a home hair color addict and just as a warning to everyone, nice and easy comes out a lot darker on the hair than it shows on the box. My hair came out black and I was doing a golden, medium brown.

    Jaime (Reply)
  • I LOVE Angela! (My favorite part of the bloopers: “It’s really hard for me not to say “That’s what she said” after some of these.”)

    I’m a natural medium/dark brown, and I used to regularly dye my hair black, but I decided to take full advantage (finally) of the fact that my mom’s a beautician, and I went a little crazy with the coloring this year… Now my hair’s a bit of a mutt from so many dye jobs… Brown/blonde/red… If you search my head you’ll find everything! Although now my hair is a big frizzy mess =(

    I love your blog, btw! You and your girls are gorgeous!

    • Yes, the bloopers are great! And thank you for your sweet comments!!

  • Being my Girlfriend?

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