Fragrance Friday: What are you wearing?

chanel no5 elixir

Today I’m wearing CHANEL No. 5 Sensual Elixir, a soft, powdery version of the original CHANEL No. 5.

I asked some of my friends on Facebook and Twitter about their Friday Fragrance and here’s what they’re wearing:

fragrance britbeautyblog

fragrance kaseeloo

fragrance londonmugirl

fragrance oxfordjasmine

fragrance the daily cookie

fragrance toya

What fragrance are you wearing today?


  • YSL in love again! Feeling Sexy today

    johanna (Reply)
  • My one and only Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche…along with the body moisturiser, hair mist….lol.

    Anna (Reply)
  • Moschino Couture

    Rebecca (Reply)
  • Hi Rebecca! I haven’t tried Moschino Couture but I’ll definitely check it now!

  • Victoria’s Secret – Ooh La La; I love it but I fear it’s too spring/summery. Any suggestions for a great fall/winter scent?? Thanks :]

    Carissa (Reply)
  • Cristina by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab…divine!

  • Yesterday I was wearing Stella by Stella McCartney. Yes, I wore perfume to my endoscopy. Because I’m just that kind of girl. ;-)


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