Daily Style: FitFlop Mukluk

fitflop mukluk

Last year Elle beauty director Emily Dougherty told me how much she loved her FitFlop Billows, a shoe that’s designed to help improve posture and increase muscle activity in your butt and legs.

Now the popular “workout while you walk” brand has come out with a fun mukluk-style boot!

The design of the Microwobbleboard (the whole technology behind the FitFlop) has a two inch platform that’s ideal for short girls like me. Not to mention, they look so cozy and functional for cold winter weather!

The FitFlop Mukluk Boot can be worn as a cuff (shown above) or with the shearling upper unfolded (below).

fitflop mukluk 2

I also love the NEW Ultra Lounge slipper to wear around the house!

FitFlop Mukluk Boots can be purchased at Macys.com and Amazon.com for $139.

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  • The Mukluks Boot is one of the most popular types of footwear.They offer an excellent level of comfort and a wonderful Muluks pattern as well. On the cooler weather, they can bring warm and cozy to you. Your feet will be in shoe heaven!These boots are a take off of a sheepskin boot that has been worn for many years. Today’s Mukluk Boot is a combination of that same warm feeling boot that warmed people and a flare of style. They are offered in various colors and styles, but Muluks are known for their cute shaped boot with white fluff spilling over the top.

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