5 More Behind-the-Scenes Beauty Essentials

Over the summer I told you about 5 of my favorite behind-the-scenes beauty essentials and now I’m sharing 5 more.

My original five still stand but there are additions to this list that are equally essential and I just can’t let you go another day without knowing what they are. What can I say, I aim to please.



Don’t hate me because I have brown eyes and can use Latisse with abandon! Let me tell you, I am having a love affair with this lash enhancer and it’s not ending anytime soon. I’ve managed to stretch out one $140 bottle to last nearly 3 months (once my long lashes were established, I started to use Latisse only 3 times per week—so far my lashes have remained long and full!).

Carmex Moisture Plus

If you know anything about me, you probably know that 1) I tie up my teenage daughters and force them to watch The Discovery Channel when they steal my tweezers, and 2) I’m never without lip balm. Recently I re-discovered an old favorite: Carmex. This new incarnation is much different that the original yellow jar (and better, in my opinion!) as it comes housed in a tube. The formula has all the greatness of the original Carmex with a little less menthol and a lot more sun protection. Genius!

Solar Oil

You’re sick of hearing me sing the Solar Oil praises, right? I’M SORRY. I can’t help myself. This is just one of those essentials that will never find its way off my list. The almond scent is just icing on the cake that moisturizes my cuticles and makes my 5-day-old manicure look brand new.

AmLactin Lotion

This is a no-frills formula recommended to me by my dermatologist when a few patches of dry skin popped up on my torso and would not go away. With 12% lactic acid, AmLactin works to exfoliate dead skin cells and restores dry skin to a natural, healthy state. It’s kind of pricey for lotion (I paid about $25 at Walgreens for 14 oz.) but it’s so worth it. My dry patches were gone within 3 weeks. Now I use it on my feet to keep my heels as soft as Janey’s butt. Ha!

Tweezerman Nail Files

As much as my husband likes to make fun of me, I can’t stand to have a snagged nail. I will go crazy until I can smooth down a rough edge and my favorite Tweezerman Nail Files help to make sure that never happens. The world has enough crazy without my assistance. These files have a super-fine edge that I love and come in a pretty protective case.

Now here’s some good news: Thanks to Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm, I’m giving away a $25 gift card and some Carmex Moisture Plus samples!

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment by Monday, October 19th at noon and tell me one of your favorite behind-the-scenes beauty essentials.

Good luck and thank you to Carmex Moisture Plus for sponsoring the giveaway!

For more chances to win, visit DivineCaroline.com. There, women are sharing their five favorite beauty products for a chance to win a $250 gift card. Check it out!

UPDATE: This Contest is now closed. Congratulations to RUBY for winning a $25 gift card and samples of Carmex Moisture Plus!

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  • You said the Tweezerman nail file and I agree but I also need need need the Tweezerman Travel Tweezer, my eye brow hair grows like wildfire!!!

  • I never leave the house without my Korres Lip Butter in Guava. It moisturizes fantastically and leaves a nice subtle shine.

  • My Sephora double-edge blemish extractor is actually my favorite tool of all time. I know we aren’t supposed to pop pimples, so this one is the most hygenic & very easy to use…it always helps me out when I need it!

    • Sara! I am a total picker and I LOVE that tool as well!!

  • Hey I wondered why you said that you can use Latisse. Is it kind of dangerous for people with blue eyes? 😉 Where did you get it? I read that you can only get it if you get a presctiption by an oculist.
    Kind regards
    Vrony from Germany :)

    • According to the Latisse website “there is potential for increased brown iris pigmentation which is likely to be permanent”—which makes my blue-eyed friends nervous about trying it. And yes, you need a prescription from your doctor for Latisse. I’ve been using it for several months and it’s made a HUGE difference in my lashes!

  • i love carmex but i have a special place in my heart for The Body Shop’s SVITH lip care stick. I feels so good on my lips and doesn’t wear off right away.

  • My behind the scenes product is Sally’s Hansen’s overnight heel balm. It contains tea tree and shea butter and is kind of a messy balm, but it works miracles overnight. I actually found it to be better at making my heels smooth than Amlactin. Now I just use my Amlactin with moisture gloves on my hands while I’m hanging out watching TV at night :)

  • My secret behind the scenes item is my Awakening Hands, by Awakening Skin Care. It makes my rough reptily scaly hands disappear and lasts through several hand washings! It has this spicy scent that is calming, but doesn’t compete with other scents I may be wearing at the time. I never have to hide my hands when I use this!

  • I luv aquaphor for everything! dry patches of skin, dry lips, cuts, burns…you name it and it’ll work! I work in the health profession and my “wound care” professor recommended it to me in the place of polysporin for minor cuts and scrapes. Little did I know I’d find a multitude of other beauty uses for it too.

  • My new favorite behind the scenes product is my Carrot flavored/scented Lip Balm by Yes to Carrots–dying to try the Melon one too! As for my other favorite, can’t live without my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel…every time I use it my skin feels like its had a drink of water. 😀

  • I love my clairisonic face brush! It leaves my skin soft and smooth for better makeup application.

  • I love using Vaseline as a moisturizer for my feet and hands, plus, in a pinch, it’s great for chapped lips.

    alaine hilty
  • My favorite beauty products are Coconut oil and Vaseline. I use the coconut oil(cold & pressed) on my face at night and love the Vaseline for my feet. They Work Wonders.

    • Congratulations to our winner RUBY! Please send me your mailing address and I’ll get your prize right off to you!