Teen Corner: How to Get the Silkiest Hair EVER

This is my third Teen Corner entry in two days. Wow, I am so impressed with myself!

With a crazy-busy life: dad’s away fishing, mom’s a psycho (she harasses me daily to update this site!), Bailey has been scheming ways to convince our parents to buy her a dog and Janey’s been googling “how to kiss” (I’m not even kidding. What seven-year-old needs to know how to kiss?!). Keeping up with my family is harder than keeping up with those Kardashians!

bb creme de coco

With all the craziness surrounding me, the one thing I can count on every day is my hair. I have been using Bumble + bumble Creme de Coco Masque and it’s UHHHmazing! My hair is soft, silky and sleek:


Here’s how I use it:
After washing hair, squeeze out remaining water, apply a generous amount throughout hair and leave on for at least seven minutes, or in my case until the hot water runs out! Recommended usage is once a week, but I use it waaay more than that. I can’t help it– I’m addicted to the way it makes my hair feel. And it smells good, too!
Talk to you soon my loves,

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  • Janey must be sneaking into her sister’s Bb collection – her hair is just as shiny!

    Monica (Reply)
  • It’s great to see your updating, your writing about your family makes me feel like I’m there :) lol

    Take Care Bree,

    P.S: Ooo and a good post idea would be Gossip Girl – what else right. haha.

    kaya (Reply)
  • *you’re

    kaya (Reply)
  • *your lol

    kaya (Reply)

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